Director. We’ve been using Steve’s services for the past 2 years – not only for Amazon but for the group of sites we have. Response time for any issues is unbelievable – regardless of the fact there is a 8 hour difference between us – but even more incredible is the fact he solved all our integration problems saving us an incredible amount of time, money and resources. If what you want is to ensure technology works for you and not the other way around then you are in excellent hands.

A must-have for Yahoo Store imports. A seamless integration of our Yahoo store orders into Netsuite. We thought we’d have to give up the old Yahoo store when we launched our Netsuite site, but the FarApp system allows us to keep taking orders and push them into Netsuite. Great application.

Solid integration and great customer service/support. We currently utilize FarApp integration for our Amazon website and webstore and have nothing but gratitude for Steve and his integration! Steve is always on top of things and very approachable when there are issues (which is nearly always due to Amazon making an upgrade or change without clear communication on their part:) And the other great thing is how customizable FarApp is for our specific workflow. Very highly recommended!!

Works great for our Amazon business. This is the best addon to Netsuite we have found to date! Our customer service dept loves the way Steve was able to integrate our Amazon storefront into Netsuite. No thinking needed! Also, he is very knowledgeable about Amazon in general. Great for a newbie like we were!

Farapp -Great Solution and Excellent Service! Farapp is a great solution and the integration of Netsuite and Amazon has helped us a lot. Now items post on its own when an amazon flag is checked. Orders come in very fast to Netsuite sytem from Amazon. Steve is very responsive and quick to any problems or resolutions we need. I highly recommend Farapp!

FarApp service is second to none. Steve from FarApp provides top notch customer service. We needed to integrate Magento with Netsuite and Steve has held our hand during the whole process. I don’t think I have ever dealt with a more patient and knowledgeable tech company. If you need to integrate any third party software with Netsuite, call FarApp first!

FarApp is a great solution. Steve is great. I have used FarApp for our Amazon integration and I am completely satisfied. I highly recommend this service.

FarApp: Great choice for Amazon integration. We have used FarApp to integrate our NetSuite inventory with Amazon Seller Central for several years. What we like most about FarApp is the incredibly response service that we receive from them. It is difficult to think of any software/service provider that offers the personal service, quick response, and commitment to “up time” that FarApp delivers. They truly are a 5-star solution.

FarApp – Amazon – eBay. We use FarApp with Amazon.com and its really helped boost sales with little effort. Steve is great to work with! We are currently implementing eBay and expect the same results. Thanks FarApp.

Awesome people. Boosted our sales with Netsuite/Amazon integration. Steve at FarrApp is awesome. He is really personable, will help all hours of the day and night, and he is very responsive to problems, questions and resolutions. They integrate our Netsuite account with Amazon. Orders are imported into our system automatically and it is a seamless low maintenance integration. We are currently working on eBay integration. The only reason I gave them 4 out of 5 is that the setup process took a while, but I am used to that because I use Netsuite :-) Once everything got setup, I haven’t looked back.

Great custom solutions – always there when we need them. We have been using FarApp for years to help us process hundreds of orders per day. Even though our online store has existed on multiple e-commerce platforms (including Yahoo Merchant Solutions, Amazon, and 3DCart), FarApp has been able to handle our migrations without ever missing a beat. Without FarApp, we would certainly have a more complex system in place for getting our orders into NetSuite (our backend). So far, there hasn’t been a question they couldn’t answer, or a business problem they couldn’t help us solve.

Fridge Filters : online sellers of refrigerator water filters

Absolute must if you sell on Amazon. FarApp is completely seamless. Items publish to Amazon, orders feed into Netsuite. It all happens with out lifting a finger. Steve will work with you untill he gets it just the way you need it. And the price is far less than any other options out there. If you have used Channel Advisor- trust me there is no comparison- give Farapp a try and you won’t regret it.

Efficient and Affordable Solution. Great custom Amazon Storefront integration including some very complex product categories. Well worth the effort.

Great solution, and great company. We use FarApp as an order gateway for both our Amazon and Yahoo Merchant Solutions store. Not only does the service work well and meet our needs, the service we get from Steve is the best of any integration vendor we’ve worked with (and that’s a ling list). I would recommend FarApp to anyone with an Amazon or Yahoo store that wants their orders to magically appear in NetSuite ready for fulfillment.

Excellent service – Great product. Because NetSuite doesnt have Amazon intergration we looked through the forums to see if anyone else had done something to get this working. Many people recommended Farapp so we checked them out. After deciding to go with them we were up and running with Amazon within 2 months. We now generate over £6000 extra revenue per month, thanks Steve.