Our pricing is based on a feed-based model so that you pay for the resources you use. Pricing Summary

  • Tiered pricing system for integration and support, with a free tier available
  • No service contracts
  • No invoice until your account has been live for a month, meaning that you receive value before your first payment. We believe FarApp offers outstanding value compared to other options

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Minimum Price: $225/month, no charge for basic setup/configuration, and no per-transaction costs.

Connector Price: $30-150/month – Our connector features vary by marketplace/cart or 3PL but the price includes all standard features (e.g. order sync, shipping detail sync, product/inventory sync, etc.) for a single marketplace/cart or 3PL account. Setup/configuration is at no additional charge and there are no per-transaction fees.

If you use two $150 connectors, we will discount your monthly fee by $75 so that you get at least two connectors at the minimum price.

Integration and Support Price: Starting at no cost, FarApp has a tiered pricing system for initial integration and ongoing support. Please see this page for an in-depth breakdown of these options: Support Tiers