Upcoming Changes with FarApp

August 5, 2013

To Our Valued Customers,

Since we started this business over a decade ago, we have maintained the same level of service you have come to expect at our extremely competitive flat monthly fee. We have finally reached a point where we can no longer maintain our level of support and benefit to our customers while continuing to provide new features and offerings without reassessing our fee.

We’ve been pleased to see that many of you have experienced substantial growth over the last few years. With that growth, your requirements for support and features from us has increased substantially. Despite those increasing demands, we’ve maintained our simple price structure of only one fee for all services and support. We’ve now reached a point where this is no longer sustainable, so of necessity we are revising our pricing plan.

Our goal with these changes is to have more time to improve our services for all of you. It is of the utmost importance that we remain very competitive in our pricing while still maintaining our level of service and support. We our proud to be able to offer this same level of service to both small and big business alike. With that in mind, we are planning to structure these new prices and policies in such a way that most of you will not actually be affected. We will most likely not change the pricing for those of you with two connectors or fewer. We will also be limiting the amount of free support we provide but to an amount that most of you rarely exceed. The specific details will be released to you as soon as we have them all finalized.

Another change we want you to be aware of is an overhaul of our website. Though we believe we are offering a premier service, we’ve heard your feedback and it is our highest priority to ensure that our website is not hurting our reputation as the premier service for eCommerce connectors. We will be releasing a new design for our website that will not only look better and be more up to date but also will be more user-friendly. With this set of changes (some of which will follow the initial “face-lift” to our site), we’ll be releasing screens that will allow many features and settings to be self-service, something we haven’t emphasized in the past. This will allow you quicker and more direct control over some of the routine changes that we see requests for, and will reduce the amount of support time that we’re currently facing.

These changes won’t be effective immediately and not all of the details have been worked out. But we wanted to let you know as soon as possible to expect these changes some time this summer and fall.


The FarApp Team

Benefits of Using FarApp:

Flawless integration with Netsuite
Experienced and dedicated customer service team
Low-cost, monthly fee
Unsurpassed, flexible and high-end functionality