FarApp Update – Introducing Our New Support System

February 18, 2016

***Here are some important pieces of information for you to note***

In a few days, you will be receiving an announcement that our new support system is live. Once live, please submit requests through the new ticketing system to achieve the best response! For those who would like to still email support@farapp.com to send us their inquiries, that option will remain available to you for the next 30 days, after which you would need to use the new submission tool.

If you have any existing tickets in our previous support ticket system, we will ask that you either create new support tickets for those issues or simply ask us to copy over those support tickets to the new system (we’d be happy to do so). Our previous system will only be available for viewing old ticket history at https://adv.farapp.com/secure_FarAppSupportTicketsV1.

Lastly, after launching, we would love to hear your feedback on ways we can continue to improve our support process!

Benefits of Using FarApp:

Flawless integration with Netsuite
Experienced and dedicated customer service team
Low-cost, monthly fee
Unsurpassed, flexible and high-end functionality