FarApp Pricing Changes – Update

March 28, 2014

Last year we sent out an about an upcoming change to our pricing structure. This is the second announcement in a short series of updates describing our new pricing structure, and how it will affect our clients, both new and existing.

We’ve established our new pricing structure, and it’s now ready for release. We’ve moved from a fixed “one-price-fits-all” model to a feed-based pricing model. This was the logical approach, based on our review of the resources required to both implement and maintain feeds for all of our existing clients. That is, the subscription price increases as more of our resources are used, ensuring a fair price for everyone. We our maintaining our company’s core policies of not charging for standard setup/configuration, not requiring any service term contracts, and not sending our first invoice until an account has been live for a month, meaning that you receive value before your first payment.

Under the new pricing structure, each feed “type” has an individual price.

The prices are now set at $75/feed/month for most feed-types, though there are a number of specially priced feeds. This is based on what we’ve defined as a “standard feed,” which is either a combined order/fulfillment feed for a single storefront, or a product-feed for a single storefront (e.g., processing Amazon orders & fulfillments is one standard feed; posting products to Amazon is one standard feed). A full price-list is at the bottom of this message. We’re discounting the first two storefronts into our base-price, which increases to $225/month; in other words, up to four standard feeds (two per storefront) are available as a bundle in our base package, giving you four feeds for the price of three. The base-price, and the feeds included in the base-price, will cover all standard setup/configuration for those base feeds.

The new pricing will be effective immediately for all new clients, but for those of you who are already subscribed, there won’t be an immediate change in your subscription fee (unless adding new connectors). We’ll roll this out gradually, and give you early notice of any fee changes. For current subscribers, we will be contacting each of you individually to let you know exactly how this will affect you. These announcements will be coming within the next few weeks.

A price-estimate screen will soon be made available for clients and prospects to view how much their subscription will cost. For new customers, this will allow them to evaluate their pricing prior to sign-up. For existing customers, it will give an indication of how adding (or removing) existing connectors will affect their subscription fee.

Despite the price increase, we believe that FarApp offers outstanding value compared to other options. Our services typically compare better in performance and sophistication than our competitors, for (still) the lowest price in the market. With the additional resources we’re adding to our team and system, we’re improving that value daily.

– The FarApp Team


FarApp Price-List 2014


Base-Price: $225/month, no charge for setup/configuration.
Includes: Standard feeds for 2 storefronts (that’s up-to four standard feeds), and standard setup/configuration.

Standard-Feed Price: $75/month – A standard feed is either a combined order/fulfillment feed, or a product-posting feed, for a single storefront. Setup/configuration is at no additional charge.

Custom-Feed Price: $50/month – Development of custom feeds is charged on an hourly basis – an approved estimate is required for development.

Add-Ons Price (each): $25/month – Add-Ons currently include our Amazon Repricer, and Amazon Shipping Overrides.

Other Feeds: Some feeds don’t fall neatly into the above categories, and have been priced individually. These include some custom feeds (ones which either require significant resources to process, raising their price, or occasionally ones that require so little resource that we’ve discounted the price). These also include a few storefronts whose unique processing demands different pricing, as follows:

Sears Feeds: $30/month – We only support order/fulfillment processing for our Sears connector.

Yahoo Feeds: $75/month – This is priced the same as a standard feed, but includes multiple Yahoo accounts, rather than a single account as with our standard-feed prices.

Newegg Feeds: $50/month – Includes both order/fulfillment feed and product feed.

Benefits of Using FarApp:

Flawless integration with Netsuite
Experienced and dedicated customer service team
Low-cost, monthly fee
Unsurpassed, flexible and high-end functionality