FarApp Help System

August 30, 2009

Since most of you don’t log in to FarApp very often, a help system has been a very low priority for us. But as we’re asked to answer the same questions fairly often, it seemed a good idea to keep the answers in one place where they could be kept updated, and where you could turn for answers.

So, now available is a new FarApp help system. It’s pretty sparse at the moment, but as we answer your questions we’ll try to keep it updated so that we all have a reference for the details we often forget. There is a link on your account page to the help screens, so feel free to take a look and send us your feedback.

Benefits of Using FarApp:

Flawless integration with Netsuite
Experienced and dedicated customer service team
Low-cost, monthly fee
Unsurpassed, flexible and high-end functionality