Amazon Repricing

July 20, 2009

This often-requested feature went to beta earlier this year, and is now available for general release. Though we believe that repricing is in general a bad idea, we recognize that it’s a necessary evil. The FarApp repricer has a good feature list, but doesn’t run as quickly as our competitors. We have the performance enhancements designed, but are postponing release until we see how our client-base uses the module and we receive sufficient feedback.

There are as many disadvantages to faster repricing as there are advantages, and our intention isn’t to compete with the stand-alone repricing systems, but rather to give your business adequate repricing without the need to pay for additional services. Let us know if you think our philosophy is flawed; we did this for you, not for us.

Benefits of Using FarApp:

Flawless integration with Netsuite
Experienced and dedicated customer service team
Low-cost, monthly fee
Unsurpassed, flexible and high-end functionality