On April 16, 2021, Oracle completed the acquisition of FarApp.

Delivering World-Class eCommerce Automation Since 2002

For over 18 years, FarApp has been an industry leader in eCommerce integration and automation. Our best-in-class NetSuite connectors, as well as our dedicated customer support allow online retailers to automate the vast majority of the tedious, manual tasks they are faced with on a daily basis. FarApp’s goal is to give you more time to focus on what you do best, growing your online business.

Co-founders Steve Greiner and Eyal Amir created a revolutionary software solution that simplifies the time-consuming process necessary to keep product data synchronized between several eCommerce storefronts, freeing up time previously spent on inventory changes, catalog-wide price changes and database updates. FarApp frees you from that additional effort by extending the reach of your existing software to your eCommerce storefronts. FarApp is committed to continuing to develop cutting edge technologies that help retailers and brands reach new customers and sell more products, all with very little effort so they can focus on their business.

Steve Greiner

Steve’s career has encompassed a variety of disciplines, with over 20 years experience in Information Technology and management. He has performed virtually every job in an IS/IT department, from low-level technical jobs to CIO, and has been acknowledged as a technical wizard on several levels, even becoming Editor-in-Chief for a technical magazine.

Believing that Information Technology should be used to serve business, Steve obtained an MBA in order to learn business well, and to focus his technical skills. Steve’s business skills landed him a Vice President position with a mid-sized manufacturing firm, where he held a seat on the Board of Directors.

Seeing a need in the small- and mid-sized business community for more effective use of Information Technology, and seeing that such a need was largely unfulfilled, Steve formed The SGC Group, whose business mission is to help businesses get real value from their technology investments.

Eyal Amir

Eyal Amir is the Co-Founder and CEO at FarApp, the premier service that automatically manages e-commerce systems. He leads the team responsible for the development and operation of the software.

Prior to joining FarApp, Eyal spent nearly a decade in the aerospace industry, working most recently as an Engineering Specialist at The Aerospace Corporation.

During his time there, he led the development of the mission planning system for Nasa’s GALEX satellite, as well as the development of a thermal analysis suite of tools and the creation of a large number of satellite analysis tools.

Eyal also operated Hammertech, LLC, a software consulting company, providing custom software solutions in various technologies ranging from front-end applications to 3D modeling and web development.

Eyal holds both a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, and an M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA.


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