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NetSuite Integration

FarApp offers these benefits:

  • Return-Before-Investment delivery
  • Low-cost, high-end functionality
  • Customized software solutions
  • Integration with your existing business system
  • A commitment to meet your needs

To tell us your needs:

NetSuite integration is one of our most mature services. NetSuite-to-Amazon integration is currently available with minimal customization effort.

Visit our NetSuite Solution Page

  • Hand's-Off Operation

    If you're requirement is for a NetSuite/Amazon integration, we provide a fully automated solution. Order-processing and fulfillment-processing take place completely in the background, with no user intervention required. Once your NetSuite account is set up for web services, and a few custom fields are defined, all integration proceeds completely in the background.

  • Order Processing

    Orders are periodically extracted from each storefront, and saved to the FarApp server. The orders are then transferred to NetSuite in batches, typically every 20 minutes.

  • Fulfillment Processing

    Once an shipment is recorded in NetSuite, the shipment is transferred to the FarApp Server. A notification will be sent to each Storefront. Where possible (such as with Amazon), the FarApp server then continues to check that the storefront sucessfully recorded the fulfillment, and either records the sucessful posting, or issues a notification that there was a problem.

  • Product Data Transfer

    Product-data and images are pulled from NetSuite based on a "flag field" that you use to designate storefront items. The product data is mapped into records suitable for posting to each storefront, based on customizable mapping rules. Once you've created and activated a FarApp Subscription, we contact you to define the mapping, and the setup on NetSuite. Once your rules are refined and tested, you can proceed to post your data. Product mapping and posting is done through your admin pages on the web site (we usually do the mapping, so most clients don't spend much time reviewing these pages).

    In many cases, you may have data that is appropriate to NetSuite which you do not wish changed, but needs to have specific values in a storefront. For this purpose, we offer an Overrides editor that allows you to populate any Amazon field for any given product with the desired value. The Overrides is available for you to edit at any time.

    The FarApp Server has a scheduled process which can be set to monitor your NetSuite inventory values, and to continually update each storefront with current values, or with rule-based values (for example, you might want to use CurrentInventory - 10, to keep a buffer during peak order periods).